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Smart Dip


SmartDip Tank Gauging with online reporting and SMS

A simple foolproof design, with the affordability to match

When you combine SmartDip with SmartFill GEN 2, you have a complete fuel management and reporting system in just one unit, to report, record, measure and alert about fuel use and levels.

The SmartDip system is a simple and reliable design for people who require a functionally accurate system for re-ordering and basic stock control.
SmartDip monitors up to four tanks. It is suitable for most non-flammable liquids such as diesel, with densities ranging from 0.500 to 60.

The SmartDip module

Have peace of mind with an alarm system set for your needs

SmartDip has a low/high level alarm fitted and the alarm levels for each tank can be set by the user. Densities can be changed by the user in case of density or product type changes.

How do I view the tank levels?

  1. The levels are continuously displayed on a dedicated SmartDip installation or can be displayed as required on a combined SmartFill display, thus eliminating the need to climb ladders to access readings
  2. If the unit is connected to the internet, tank levels can be accessed anytime on your secure website
  3. Just send SmartDip a blank SMS from your mobile phone and it will reply with an SMS showing the tank levels.

Tank levels can also be sent to your mobile phone automatically at a preset time of day
As with all of our products, the system is simple to install, easy to use and keeps working year in and year out.

ATG interface

SmartFill GEN2 can also easily integrate with automatic tank gauging systems that support the Veeder-Root TLS serial protocol or any other 4-20mA or RS232 output.

  • Automatic and hassle free, you will always know how much fuel you have, anywhere you can access the internet or receive an SMS.
  • Get your tank levels on your smartphone anytime from anywhere.
  • Your daily “SMS” lets you know how much fuel you have across your sites, so you will never run out of fuel, and can optimised fuel deliveries.
  • Works with SmartFill GEN 2
  • Automatic daily SMS and tank levels can be viewed online, in real time.
  • Tank dips viewable anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to set-up on site
  • Monitors up to 4 tanks
  • Suits a wide variety of tanks:Horizontal round, Vertical round and Rectangular