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Fuel Management Basics

Fuel Management Systems are used to measure and manage the use of fuel. They are critical in industries where extensive amounts of fuel is used by multiple team members, such as in mining, civil construction and municipalities.

Fuel Management Systems track how much fuel has been taken and who by, but different systems available in the market have varying capabilities.

To access fuel with a Fuel Management System, a form of identification must be used. This can be linked to an individual via a PIN, fob key or NFC card or to a vehicle via ID or touch keys. With SmartFill GEN 2, any combination can be used (Vehicle ID key and PIN, for example). Knowing how much fuel a person and a vehicle has taken at any time, comes with a stream of benefits such as:

  • Prevention of theft: Only authorized personnel can access fuel. For enhanced security, SmartFill GEN 2 can also restrict fuel use by volume and the time of day.
  • Insights into vehicle maintenance: A vehicle will stand out if it is using more fuel than it should.
  • Numerous benefits for fuel use management and fuel management reporting.

Because all of the fuel use data is recorded, Fuel Management Systems provide significant cost savings. The process of ordering more fuel can be automated, and even at the basic level users have far better ordering insights, and alerts are sent when tank levels get dangerously low. Perhaps most advantageous, fuel reconciliation and fuel reporting for say, fuel tax rebates, becomes a very quick and streamlined process, with easily accessible fuel management reports. Previously fuel use data was hand written and reconciliation would be a huge and costly endeavour.

One of the major advancements with Fuel Management Systems has been the ability to capture all fuel use data automatically and store it online via networked communications, 3G, Wifi or Ethernet. This means data is always available, eliminating the need to travel out to the unit to access it, which is a huge benefit when considering the remote areas they tend to be in. Not all systems however, have this capability and it is just on of the many benefits Fluid Management Technology customers have been experiencing for years.

Download the free Top 10 Reasons For Using A Cloud Based Fuel Management System eBook to further understand how a fuel management system can streamline your fuel accounting process.

Download Free eBook: Top 10 Reasons For Using A Cloud Based Fuel Management System