About Us

Fluid Management Technology.
World Leaders In Fuel Management Systems.

For over 10 years Fluid Management Technology has set the standard for product performance and customer satisfaction in the commercial fuel market through the provision of innovative products that are well supported, easy to use and install, with integrated fuel data, which is accessible anywhere, anytime with no ongoing costs.

We continually strive to delight our customers in everything we do and say.

We design, manufacture and distribute products for the management, measurement and accounting of fuel usage in commercial applications.

Fluid Management Technology is an Australian innovator, developer, and manufacturer of Fuel Management Systems. Our focus is on creating world-class products with clear advantages in simplicity, reliability, functionality, and cost-efficiency.

Our products deliver vital data with immediacy and flexibility, reporting remotely in real time. Cloud-based technology can be accessed on any device that has a web browser, and requires no ongoing subscription to proprietary software, and no need to install anything on your existing business system.

Our products are at work worldwide delivering results in some of the most aggressive environments and demanding commercial applications, protecting, measuring, and monitoring the liquid assets of leading businesses. Contact us and discover the advantages Fluid Management Technology could bring to your business.


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