Why You Must Have A Cloud Based Fuel Management System

To be informed, it is important to review and compare the features of a good fuel management system with other sytems on the market, to ensure you chose the right system with the greatest benefit for your needs.

Key features of a good system:

  • Cloud-based system
    Capture all fuel usage data automatically, store it and deliver it to the cloud via 3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Electrical robustness
    Capable of working with unstable power sources.
  • Fuel Security
    Govern access by drivers and accurately account for every drop.
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Top 10 reasons for using a cloud-based fuel management system

  • Easy to use. Easy to set-up
    Intuitive menu-based platform anyone can understand.
  • Tough on the Outside
    From -15°F to +130°F. Must withstand the harshest of environments and the toughest users.
  • Smart on the inside
    Simple servicing facility with click in click out modules. No need for technical or electrical skills.
  • Smart Access
    PIN, iButton keys, VIN or AVID access.

Fluid Management Technology Designs & Manufactures World Class Fuel Management Products

Smartfill gen2

The world’s best web-based system for total fuel accountability & theft prevention.

Get all the benefits of web-based fuel accountability and theft prevention technology working for your business from anywhere.

  • No need for
  • No user
  • No ongoing costs for standard website functionality
  • No license

SmartFill Gen 2 records and controls how much fuel is being taken out of your tank, where it goes and who is taking it. It is world class and one of the best cloud-based systems on the market.

Interested in finding out about how we can help manage your fuel use? Talk to one of our experts by calling +1 800 569 8704 or click here to send us your details.

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Over a decade of
in-the-field performance


Accurate, reliable tank gauging, no matter where your tanks are.

Don’t send your people to your tanks – send tank level data wherever you need it, instantly.

The SmartDip system records, measures, reports and alerts on fuel level and fuel use, simply, accurately, and reliably. Suddenly stock control and re-ordering are simple matters.

SmartDip is available as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into the SmartFill GEN 2 system to create a total fuel management and reporting system in one robust, reliable unit.

Smart Alarms
– mean no surprises –

Adjustable low/high levels and fluid densities. Choose how you view and alert your people with SmartDip.

  • On Tank

  • Online

  • On Your phone

With SmartFill GEN 2, SmartDip fits into the system you use right now.

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Extreme Heat
Freezing Cold

On the water and on the road. Tough, proven systems for every application.

SmartFill systems by Fluid Management Technology have proven themselves reliable for over a decade working around the world. Year in, year out, our technology performs flawlessly in the harshest of conditions.

  • Civil – designed for extremes

    Civil – designed for extremes

    SmartFill GEN 2 was developed to offer distinct advantages for remote locations, offering dependable performance in freezing cold and searing heat alike.
  • Transport–accountability and efficiency

    Transport–accountability and efficiency

    Capture all the fuel data you need to gain insight into the efficiency of your fleet, no matter how large. Automatic data capture and easy access, regardless of where you are or how widely dispersed your fleet might be.
  • Service vehicles – smart features

    Service vehicles – smart features

    Service vehicle use demands features such as auto power off and battery isolation for safe operation. SmartFill GEN 2 has been designed with service vehicle use in mind.
  • Marinas – shrugging off the salt

    Marinas – shrugging off the salt

    Marina use is an incredibly tough test of any system. SmartFill GEN 2 is impervious to the combination of water, salt, and sun.
  • Mining – heavy use, big demands

    Mining – heavy use, big demands

    Mining of any material is thirsty work for machinery, and the SmartFill GEN 2 is built tough to handle anything. Accurately control and record every drop despite all the hard knocks, dust, vibrations and relentless use in the field. The SmartFill GEN 2 has proven itself through years of mining use.
  • Municipalities – remote yet secure

    Municipalities – remote yet secure

    When your municipality is isolated or simply spans a huge area, SmartFill GEN 2 takes care of your fuel, accounting for each and every fill, and altogether preventing fuel theft.


Smartfill Gen 2 Case Studies

Fuel Management Technology systems have been in use all over the world for many years. Download the case studies and realise the benefits that progressive business operators are enjoying – and the savings they are making - with cloud-based, real-time reporting from SmartFill GEN 2.