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Fluid Management Technology aims to set the standard for product performance and customer satisfaction in the commercial fuel market through the provision of innovative products that are well supported, easy to use and install, with integrated fuel data, which is accessible anywhere, anytime with no ongoing costs.

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We design, manufacture and distribute products for the management, measurement and accounting of fuel usage in commercial applications.

Understanding The Need For Fuel Management

Fuel management systems are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the superior control of fuel supplies and cost accounting they provide.

Fluctuating fuel costs as well as rising fuel consumption, and the fact that some people tend to help themselves to the content of your fuel tanks, all complicate fuel management.

When your fuel system is vandalized, you’re lucky if all you lose is the gas or diesel. The real problem is when thieves and vandals take as much fuel as they want and then let the rest run onto the ground. Now you’ve not only lost a product but you now also have a soil contamination issue.

An intelligent fuel management system allows you to manage your fuel usage, control vehicle access, designate authorized users and provide data to maximize efficiency as well as minimize fraudulent transactions, reduce pilfering and environmental damage.

The tedious tasks of recording hand-written log sheets and manually costing for fuel for multiple sites are gone as new technology is available which will alleviate these significant headaches and eliminate human errors.

Looking for a fuel management system that suits your business can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

SmartFill Gen 2 Fuel Management System American Airlines Case Study

Why You Must Have A Cloud-Based Fuel Management System

Key features of a good system

It is important to review the features of various fuel management systems available, to help you to gain the largest benefit. Some key features to look for include:

Cloud-based system

One of the major developments with fuel management systems in recent years is the ability to capture all fuel usage data automatically, store it at the fuel management unit and then deliver that information to the cloud via networked communications, 3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

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Fluid Management Systems Sells Two World Class Fuel Management Products


SmartDip tells you how much fuel is in your tank.

The SmartDip system is a simple and reliable design for people who require a functionally accurate system for re-ordering and basic stock control.

SmartDip monitors up to four tanks. It is suitable for most non-flammable liquids such as diesel, with densities ranging from 0.500 to 60.

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SmartFill records and controls how much fuel is being taken out of your tank and where is going and who taking it.

The SmartFill Gen 2 from Fluid Management Technology is one of the best cloud based system in the market. Fuel records, such as: time; volume; which fuels are dispensed; vehicle ID and user ID are recorded and uploaded in real time to the cloud via either a LAN, Wi-Fi or Cellular (3G/4G) connection.

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SmartFill Gen 2

Click-In Click-Out Modular Design, Flexible Reporting and Real-Time Data

  • The world’s most functional fuel management system.
  • Simple, robust and functional wins in the long run.
  • Our three design principles keep fuel flowing and ensures that every drop is recorded to make accounting and fuel management easy.
  • A robust system you can rely on.
  • Known to outlast the bowsers they were originally attached to, our units have survived floods, fires and even being accidentally run over by heavy equipment.

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Networked communications keep your records up-to-date in realtime. Your data is always available, and you don’t need any special software to access it. USB access on the front of the panel provides access to data if you do not have a communication network.

In summary, cloud based reporting is a must for any fuel management system as it allows for automatic and instant data uploading and no special software or skills needed to access the data. The days of having to travel out to the physical unit to retrieve the data are now over.


An IP66 rated, powder coated steel enclosure ensures continuous operation in all conditions. Tested temperature range -25 to +55C and microparticle proof rubber seals stop dust, insects, moisture, and water from entering the unit. Multiple gaskets further enhance protection.


Near Field Communications for easy user or vehicle identification, with long-lasting proximity cards. You also gain flexibility to gain the data you want, and how you want it. Access can also be provided via PIN, iButton key and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).


Access to fuel by vehicle and driver can be restricted by preselected times (such as 9 am to 5 pm) and volume (such as a maximum of 2,000 liters).


Configuring the unit is menu based, eliminating the need to enter excessively long codes or numbers.


Designed to deal with unstable power sources, such as generators, truck systems and environments with high levels of electrical noise.


Easy to service the unit with Click-in and Click-out modules. Each is marked and can only fit in one place. No need for unique technical or electrical skills.

Over a decade of in-the-field performance

Long Lasting and Durable

Our units typically outlast the bowsers and fuel stations they are attached to. Nothing else on the market has the same level of proven reliability, matched to ease of use to make fuel accounts, reporting and reconciliation easy.

Automated Fuel User Records

For company accountants and finance controllers our fuel management systems provide automated fuel use records and make reconciliation, even across multiple sites, a process that takes just minutes. You will eliminate human error associated with hand written log sheets.

Market leading customer service

SmartFill GEN 2 will make your operations easier to fine-tune fuel use. Data is always available online, you don’t need any special software and we are always here to help when you need.

Accounting & recording fuel with our Smartfill fuel management system

  • fuel records are automatically stored online as fuel is used
  • a simple online interface provides fuel use insights
  • reconciliation is easy, and takes minutes even for multiple sites
  • easy and accurate claims for fuel rebates
  • total control over tracking fuel use
  • easy to see poor efficiency in vehicles and fleets
  • centralize fuel records and accounts across multiple sites
  • simple to allocate costs for each department

And without our Smartfill fuel management system

  • human error and hand written log sheets (need we say more?)
  • control and tracking is almost impossible and very hit & miss if reconciliation does not add up
  • multiple sites create a lot of manual effort, costing a lot of time and resources, with risk of errors

Tough on the outside

IP66 rated steel and powder coated, makes this the toughest shell on the market. Our designs have survived fire, flood and even excavators running over them.

Smart on the inside

Our modular system allows for quick and easy replacement or upgrades of parts. No special skills or electricians are required.

Data always available

Free access to your data online. Real time fuel usage reports keep you informed on demand. No need to drive out to the unit to access your data.