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Fuel System Basics

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Accounting & recording fuel with our Smartfill fuel management system

  • fuel records are automatically stored online as fuel is used
  • a simple online interface provides fuel use insights
  • reconciliation is easy, and takes minutes even for multiple sites
  • easy and accurate claims for fuel rebates
  • total control over tracking fuel use
  • easy to see poor efficiency in vehicles and fleets
  • centralize fuel records and accounts across multiple sites
  • simple to allocate costs for each department

And without our Smartfill fuel management system

  • human error and hand written log sheets (need we say more?)
  • control and tracking is almost impossible and very hit & miss if reconciliation does not add up
  • multiple sites create a lot of manual effort, costing a lot of time and resources, with risk of errors

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Over a decade of in-the-field performance

Our units typically outlast the bowsers and fuel stations they are attached to. Nothing else on the market has the same level of proven reliability, matched to ease of use to make fuel accounts, reporting and reconciliation easy.

For company accountants and finance controllers our fuel management systems provide automated fuel use records and make reconciliation, even across multiple sites, a process that takes just minutes. You will eliminate human error associated with hand written log sheets.

Market leading customer service. SmartFill GEN 2 will make your operations easier to fine-tune fuel use. Data is always available online, you don’t need any special software and we are always here to help when you need.

Case Study: Georgiou Group fully automated fuel management system

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Tough on the outside

IP66 rated steel and powder coated, makes this the toughest shell on the market. Our designs have survived fire, flood and even excavators running over them.

Smart on the inside

Our modular system allows for quick and easy replacement or upgrades of parts. No special skills or electricians are required.

Data always available

Free access to your data online. Real time fuel usage reports keep you informed on demand. No need to drive out to the unit to access your data.

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